Blondie Requited
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Blondie Requited

Introducing a new book release by author Tony Granger… Buy Now… Blondie Requited is a collection of short stories from the pen of Tony Granger, and a sequel to Blondie’s Revenge, both telling of experiences in his early life through University, his days in the British South Africa Police force, and stories about his family. Full … Read more

Low Cost Ecommerce Websites
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Hosting your first online e-commerce website should not be daunting.  Here at Hosted Mall, we are here to help you every step of the way from the initial setup, helping with your chosen payment gateway, through to product promotion and SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation). Our team of dedicated e-commerce website builders are able to help … Read more

Fat Bernard
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We would like to introduce to you another new client author, Tristan King, with his new comedy novel “Fat Bernard”. His Fat Bernard novel can be purchased direct from Tristan’s new Hosted Mall e-commerce site with us at Order now, and have a laugh with Fat Bernard’s anti-social adventures in a humdrum world..!

New Business Direction in 2021
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Hosted Mall

Is your business taking a new direction in 2021?  Is your new direction needing to sell online?  Then we can help. Opencart Opencart is the leading industry shopping cart system with over a decade of service to millions of businesses globally.  All that you need is us hosting your Opencart shopping cart system on our … Read more

Opencart Tip – Microsoft Word Formatting
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When users paste a product description from Microsoft Word (or Outlook using Word as it’s editor) into Opencart, we have noticed that the layout footer of the shopping cart web page can become odd and out of shape.  This is because of the embedded formatting that is copy pasted into the product description.  This appears … Read more