Can we have FTP access to our e-commerce shop?

Yes, we can provide you a username and password for this purpose at no extra cost.  Not all shops require this, so it is usually requested when it is needed for third party access, to add their module to extend your shop’s functionality.

Do we need to inform you of our domain name renewal?

If you have your domain name managed by us, then you do not need to, it is all done behind the scenes for you.  If it is managed by you, then you need to do your own domain name renewal.

We have both a .com and a .eu address will this be in the contract price?

No, we will provide one shop, choose the domain you want us to host, and then we can assist you to redirect the other using DNS to point at the shop with your other domain.

Do we have to inform you of SSL certificate renewals?

So long has we have access to the webmaster@yourdomain.com email address, we will do this for you behind the scenes.  However, if you are managing your own certificate, then you need to give us four files, the key, the csr file and the crt file as well as the certificating authorities intermediate certificate before the existing certificate expires.

How long is/are renewals?

The following are renewal interval periods are operated by us…

  • Domains managed by us are renewed annually and recharged to you.
  • SSL certificates handled by us are renewed quarterly and are FREE.
  • Contracts with you, rolling monthly, notice by either party one calendar month.

Do you provide an EV SSL certificate?

No, we provide a basic certificate, but you can pay extra for an EV SSL certificate if you require.

If we decide to move away, what files will you provide?

We will provide three ZIP files with the following information…

  • database.zip: The MySQL database of your shop.
  • filespace.zip:The files of your shop.
  • configuration.zip: The SSL certificate files for you domain, ie KEY, CSR, CRT.

Can we run our shop as a separate sub domain to our main website?

Yes, you may run your shop as shop.domain.com, this is possible at no extra cost, but, we may need to discuss how we can configure this for you, and how any SSL certificates between the two servers will work.

Can you host both our www website as well as our shop?

We would love to.  Call us for bespoke pricing.

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