Opencart Product Items

Once you have your Opencart shopping cart setup with us, we can help you with setting each product up into categories.  We will require from you and help you with…

  • Name of product and the type of category it should be in.
  • Product decription.
  • Product Image.
  • SEO terms
  • Dimensions and weight (in order to calculate postage and packaging).
  • Current stock level.  Minimum order quantity.
  • Price of the item.

Additional Shopping Cart Items

Also, there may be some other additional considerations you may need to think about, as follows…

  • If you ship to other countries, any postage and packaging requirements.  To reduce costs, an account with a courier.
  • Any good declarations for the country you are exporting to.
  • Currency exchange rates if you already have a branch dispatching from the destination country.
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